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SPSPlusWIN provides you with a comprehensive online help.



An overview and the description of the most important topics is displayed using the ? menu. - Help contents




or via the keyboard by pressing <F1> on the action key block at the top.


Click on the "Contents" tab to open the navigation explorer of the help.




Clicking on the "Search" tab will provide you with an easy option of searching for help topics.




In the upper field, enter term for which you need information. Clicking on the "List topics" button will open a list of topics.


In the second field, select a term that most closely describes what you are looking for.


Double-clicking on this or clicking on the "Display" button will open up the help page you required.



Each dialogue also contains the Btn_Help button with which you can get information on the current dialogue.

In addition, you can use a context sensitive help activated


by clicking the button for the "Help" function or
by pressing "Shift+F1" on the keyboard.



The button for the "Help" function is displayed in the title bar of a dialogue window. CntrlBtn_Help


Click the Help button.

The mouse pointer is provided with a question mark symbol in addition to the arrow.

Click an object or field on which you request information.

A window showing the corresponding context sensitive help is displayed.



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