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This document deals with the new functions available from Version 5.0.0 onwards. These functions cannot be used with previous versions of SPSPlusWIN. This means that there is no guarantee of downward compatibility.


SPSPlusWIN creates a new database (file extension *.spw5). If you have created a project with an older software version, a backup copy of the old database is then stored in a subdirectory of the project called "(Backup_Version) Projectname.Zip".


If you transfer a project with SPSPlusWIN 5, the following objects in the device cannot be transferred :


- alarm message histories

- recipes (must be recreated after the transfer)

- password lists (must be re-transferred)


Please note the following restrictions


The print protocols currently do not support Unicode fonts.

SPSPlusWIN 5 projects cannot be used together with the OPCom FDA server.


Please save the database and do not edit the project with older SPSPlusWIN versions once it has been opened.


All listed functions and extensions only apply to the following device :


Exicom ET-306

Exicom ET-316

Exicom ET-336

ProVicom MT-316-R

ProVicom MT-316-S

ProVicom MT-336-R

ProVicom MT-336-S


Older devices cannot run SPSPlusWIN 5. If you are using these devices, please use the software versions listed in the table below. These devices are no longer upgraded.



most recent valid version of SPSPlusWIN

Text class

MT-80, MT-81, MT60 etc.


Graphic class

ET-9752, ET-6, MT-120, MT-91


Visu class









ET-8A , ET-12



Exemption from liability


We checked the contents of the manual with regard to compliance with the described hardware and software. Nevertheless, deviations cannot be excluded such that we do not accept the liability for a full compliance. The information given in this description is checked regularly and necessary corrections are implemented into the subsequent manuals. We are always happy to receive suggestions for improvement.


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