Multilingual messages

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MessagesMultilingual messages


It is possible in <%PRODUKTNAME%> to create and issue functional and fault messages. In a multilingual project it would of course be practical if these messages could be issued in the ambient language. In principle, <%PRODUKTNAME%> enables you to program the system such that each message text is issued in each of the programmed languages.


For this, proceed as follows:

Create a message in the main language.
If you haven't done so already, select one of the three message types in the Object Explorer.
In the tool bar, click on the selection field for language ToolButtonLanguageSelect in order to change the current working language.
Open the message for whose text you want to define the current working language.
In the field entitled "Message text", enter the text for the current working language.
Click on "OK" to save the message with the current text.
Proceed in the same way with the other messages.



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