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Use this help page if you want to quickly calculate the memory cell and the bit to be set for a message.
Enter the address at which address range the message starts in the “Start address” input field. With this, you can then calculate the absolute address of a memory cell.
On the basis of this input the function will calculate the memory cells required for this message, the address of the memory and the bit addressed.

Message number:
Start address:
Siemens S7 Byte adress structure  S7 Byte based:
Memory required: Number of memory: Bit number of message:

Memory required:

Number of memory cells required for the current message.

Number of memory:

Number of the memory cell where the bit is set / requested.

Bit number of message:

Bit of the memory cell which is set or requested. A memory cell (2 bytes) is addressed with bit 0 to bit 15.


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