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Use the page "Recording" to determine the trigger type and the number of values to be displayed. The recording cycle can be specified as fixed constant or in a variable way using an analog variable.


Constant clock rate dialogue



Variable clock rate dialogue



Trigger type

Time trigger

The recording cycle is triggered via a defined time. This system setting cannot be deactivated.

Numbers of values

This setting specifies the number of values to be recorded. The product of the value number multiplied by the cycle rate results in the total visible recording period. Thus, the scaling of the X-axis is determined.

Clock rate


Constant or analog variable

Number of values

When you have selected the type "Constant", enter the upper value as a constant number in this field. If you have selected the type "analog variable", specify the analog variable in which the value has been entered.



A number of values greater than 640 is not useful, since the display resolution only allows 640 pixels.



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