Integration of GSD file in Step 7

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Easy ProfibusIntegration in Step7Integration of GSD file


Copy the  StahlHMI.gsd GDS file into a temporary directory on your PC.


Copy the StahlHMI.dib graphics file into the Siemens\Step7\S7DATA\nsbmp sub-directory.



Start the Simatic Manager and open the Hardware Configuration.


You may now integrate the copied GSD file into the hardware catalog via menu item "Options - Instal New GSD...".




Another window will pop up in which you may select the required GSD file.

Go to the temporary directory where you have copied the GSD file.




After clicking on the Open button the GSD file will be integrated into the hardware catalog.

You will then have to find the MMI directory in the hardware catalog under "Profibus-DP" and then "Additional Field Devices"




This directory contains the integrated GSD file for the EasyProfibus.





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