Installation from CD

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InstallationInstallation from CD


Insert the SPSPlusWIN CD into your CD-ROM drive.
Windows will start the installation program automatically (if the autostart of CDs is enabled).
The following display will pop up:




Select the language for the set-up installation.
The following selection menu will pop up:




Click "Installation SPSPlusWIN" to continue with the installation of SPSPlusWIN.




A message window will appear for a couple of seconds.
In the next dialogue select the language you prefer for the set-up routine of SPSPlusWIN.




Click "OK" to continue with the installation.
The following information window will inform the user on the progress of the set-up routine.




You will then be asked to enter the serial number, the name of the company and the name of the user.
The serial number is printed on the CD case and on your SPSPlusWin invoice.




Click "OK" to continue with the installation.
The first window of the set-up dialogue will pop up.




Click on "Next" or cancel the process.
In the second window of the set-up dialogue users are asked to specify the target directory for the software.
Click on "Next" to continue or "Browse" to select a target directory different from the one suggested.




Click "Next" to continue with the installation.
The next dialogue window of the set-up allows you to
accept the suggested name for the program manager group
or to change it to suit your needs.




Click on "Next" to continue with the installation.
The set-up installation routine will now start.
The files necessary for SPSPlusWin will now be installed on your computer.
A progress bar appears to inform the user about the time remaining until the installation is complete.




Once the installation is complete you can define the type of document association.




If you wish for SPSPlusWin to start directly after a double-click on a file tick the appropriate file type.



With this you write over the application software allocated to this file type.

For example, when you then double-click on a "*.zip" file, SPSPlusWin starts instead of your usual program for zip-files.


If you wish to start SPSPlusWin via a file by means of a Context menu tick the appropriate file type.



With such a tick you instruct Windows to generate a reference to SPSPlusWin in the Explorer context menu for this file type.

With this you can open files of this type in the Explorer via the context menu directly from SPSPlusWin.



We recommend you accept the default settings.
Click "OK" to accept the default settings.
The last set-up dialogue window will pop up.




Click on "Finish" to complete the set-up.
In the following dialogue you can determine whether
a) SPSPlusWin will be started immediately, and
b) the Readme file will open, where you can find important information.




Click "OK" to close the dialogue.
You have now successfully installed SPSPlusWin.



The installation CD contains other menu directories.




These are:

Open HMI,
Falcon and
OPCom Tools.


In the Open HMI, Eagle and Falcon menus you will find the latest operating instructions and manuals at the time the CD was generated.

These include important information on the installation and operation of the devices and their technical details.


The OPCom Tools directory has installation routines for OPCom FDA servers, OPCom Modbus RTU servers and OPCom Modbus TCP servers.

The minimum requirements for installing OPCom Tools are listed under Installation Requirements.



This is a standardized interface for data exchange in automation technology between applications of different manufacturers.

This tool enables devices of different manufacturers to be easily connected.

Because communication and data structure are known the network can easily be expanded.


For more information, please refer to:, opc foundation, opc foundation europe , opc programmers connection



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