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Using font in SPSPlusWIN:



The following description of the installation of languages is based on the example of Windows XP. The installation in other versions of Windows can differ somewhat.


German language environment

To be able to use a font of a language area on a computer with German language environment,

you need to find a font that represents this language area and then switch the German language environment to the one you need via the language bar.


In order to identify the correct font, the Windows Character Map is useful if you need to check whether the character set of a language area is supported by the font you require.


Once you have found a suitable font, you can integrate it as a language in the Object Explorer under "System -> Language settings" in SPSPlusWIN.

& For notes on implementing languages in SPSPlusWIN, please refer to cicon2 Language.


In order to be able to work with the currently selected language you need to activate it as the current language environment.

In the adjacent window, mark the language with which you want to work / which contains the new language area / font.

This language will now be highlighted and you can activate it with the Haeckchen symbol (X is set for active). The language is now active for the current project, and texts can be entered in this language (after switching the language areas) in SPSPlusWIN.


Switching the language area:

If the language area on your computer is still set to German you will need to change it to the language you wish to use.

For this, click on the language bar with the left mouse button



and select the language you wish to work with (such as Kyrgyz)




Please note that only those languages that have been installed will be shown on the language bar.

For information on installing language areas please refer to cicon2 Installing Extended Languages.


Having switched to the language area you require you can now call up characters with the keyboard that are allocated to the keys in the selected. language. Alternatively you can use the Windows add-on "On-screen keyboard", or you can use its keyboard layout as a template for the actual keyboard. This Windows add-on is located in "start/All Programs/Accessories/Accessibility/On-Screen Keyboard"


Example of an on-screen keyboard for Russian:



The on-screen keyboard can be used with the mouse.


For some languages such as Japanese the actual characters are available via keys in the language bar.


Language environments other than German

For language environments other than German the same procedure generally applies as described for "Language environment German".


Here too, you need to find a font that represents the required language area, and to switch the current language area via the language bar to the one you require.



The language environment is already the one you require.

In this case you only need to integrate the correct Unicode font into SPSPlusWIN.



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