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The description of the integration in the Siemens SIMATIC Manager Step7 is based on software version 5.3.

The integration must be adapted accordingly for any other software versions. If you have any questions please contact the Siemens support service.



The names used in this document are registered trademarks and/or products of the relevant companies.

The terms: SIMATIC Manager, Step7, S7 are registered trademarks of Siemens AG.


Exclusion of liability


We have checked the contents of the online help for its compliance with the described hardware and software. Nevertheless, variations cannot be ruled out, and we therefore do not accept  liability for a full compliance. The information given in this description is checked regularly and necessary corrections are implemented in

subsequent manuals. We are always happy to receive suggestions for improvement.



Copyright © 2014 R.STAHL HMI Systems GmbH. Subject to change without notice. Errors excepted.



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