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As is the case for screen pages, it is possible to reduce the project planning effort for help pages to a minimum by using templates. Thus, image objects to be used several times can be specified in a help template and can be used afterwards as often as needed as basic project planning for help pages.


Help templates are designed with the aid of the page editor, which can be opened from the Object explorer in the Help templates directory.




Highlight the Help templates object type in the object explorer.
using the Edit -Newmenu, or
using the button New object or
using the chortcut "Ctrl + I" or
via the Context menu > "New"


With this command, the Dialogue for the Help templates is opened, where you can define the template properties.





Help template name which can be selected freely


Show frame

Applies a frame to the help page.


Assigns a screen page to a group

Screen pages can be allocated to a group. This assignment improves the clarity of the project. Furthermore sorting and copying according to groups is possible.


Arbitrary comment for information purposes.

Information regarding the page can be entered in the comment field. Comments are used for explanation purposes in SPSPlusWIN.


After having confirmed your entries by clicking "OK", the page editor with the specific settings for help templates is displayed. For help templates, a visible project planning surface of 256 x 160 pixels is predefined.





On this surface, the following objects can be planned:

Kapitelseite Static image objects

Kapitelseite Output fields

Kapitelseite Text lists

Kapitelseite Graphic lists



If you use a template for a certain help page, the template objects are marked with a diagonal grid shown on top of the object. These objects cannot be edited within the page. If you wish to modify the objects, you always have to use the template. In this way, all pages using the template are automatically adjusted.




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