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The appearance of the touch field is specified using the page Graphics list.

Use this page to define a graphic list including two graphics for the operating conditions "Touch field pressed" and "Touch field released".


For entering, assigning or modifying graphics, use the tabs in the dialogue Attributes.

Select the requested graphic in the list by double-clicking with the left mouse button.

Two graphics are required. The first is shown for the released state, the second when the touch field is pressed.




Selection graphics library





selected graphics



1. Graphic in the example above which is shown in the released state.



2. Graphic of the above example when when actuated.



Add graphics to libraries


In the main directory of SPSPlusWIN there is a sub-directory called Grafic.

This sub-directory is divided in Bitmap, Graficlist and Touchbutton. The same structure is configured as project sub-directory. But this is only generated when archiving the project for the first time. Additionally, the used bitmaps are copied from the standard directory into the corresponding project directory and thus belong to the archive.




The window below shows all graphics available in this folder. Items are selected or added to the graphic list by double-clicking the left mouse button.

All graphics which you use are automatically copied into your project directory after being archived. In this way, they become definitely part of the project.



For editing graphics, an external painting program has to be used. By double-clicking the graphic in the preview window using the left mouse button, you automatically activate your standard program for editing bitmaps.



1.Graphics must be provided as bitmaps with a maximum of 16 colours.


2.The CD-ROM provides you with a bitmap collection which is enlarged permanently.



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