Functional Description

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Easy ProfibusEPB Functional DescriptionFunctional Description


EasyProfibus (EPB) was developed for fast and easy communication with the Falcon - SERIES operator interfaces via Profibus-DP.


It can be connected to the Profibus master systems simply via the existing GSD file and WITHOUT handling blocks.

For operator interfaces of the ET-xxx Falcon - SERIES the 9185/11-46-xx Fieldbus Bridge is still required. The EasyProfibus is only supported from version A2.05 of the Fieldbus Bridge !


The EasyProfibus protocol driver is simply structured and uses only process data.

A maximum of 58 words can be used for the EasyProfibus.


This driver has strongly reduced or altered functionality.

- "General Settings" are no longer required.

- All actual values and set values are strictly separated. Actual values are not updated at the operator interface.

- The driver does not support a bit setting function but only word write commands.

- There is no date and time function.

- There is no password management.

- There is no dynamic control word.

- The driver only supports variables defined via the process data words. This means that the addressable memory areas are defined in the process data.


It is possible to set participant numbers (slave addresses) from 3 to 254.


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