Error Message Handling

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Error handlingET/MT-3x6, ET/MT-2x8 series error messagesError message formatError Message Handling


Messages of error types:

136: Bus error
138: Checksum error
139: Communication error
140: No communication


are recoverable. The messages  about these errors events are erased from the screen when the error event condition disappears -  when  the error less request-response cycle is established again. These error messages may be also acknowledged and erased manually by ESC key, but the acknowledged message is redisplayed after a time period 10 sec if the error event condition is still on.


The messages of error types

141: Address error
142: Command error
143: Configuration error
144: No memory
145: Synchronisation error
146: Telegram error


are not erased automatically if the error condition disappears. They must be acknowledged and erased manually by ESC key.


If error events of more communication drivers are active in the same time, a message about one error event is printed on. When this message is acknowledged and erased manually by ESC key, the message of other active error event is displayed


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