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Print server overviewConfiguration


Set up a new station:




IP address:

Specify the IP address of the printer server.


Printer port:

External printer servers can manage up to 3 printers. Specify the required printer connection. If no port has been selected, the printer server sends the data to the default printer. This can be defined on the settings website of the printer server.


Output options:

The print jobs can be distributed to several printers. Select the required output options.


Setting printer language

Depending on the type of printer it may be necessary to adjust the printer language. As a standard, the operator interfaces can work with Epson-compatible printers, but PCL printers (HP) can also be connected. For this, the "printer language" function parameters need to be set at an analog variable.




The value of the analog variable defines the printer language:

0 : default (ESC/P2 - Epson-compatible printers)

1 : ESC/P2 (Epson-compatible printers)

2 : PCL (HP-compatible printers)



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