Defining a new language

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The first planning language and the requested fonts are specified when creating a new project. The wizard opens the dialogue "Fonts". Use this dialogue to select the parameter names of the language and up to three different fonts.




Of course, all settings can be adapted later in the dialogue "Language settings" angepasst werden.


Dialogue "Language settings"




For adding further languages use the dialogue "Language settings".

In the Object Explorer, highlight the object type "Language settings" and create a new object.


This is done using

menu item "Edit/New"
the shortcut "Ctrl+I" on the keyboard,
the context menu item "New"




The dialogue "Language settings" will then pop up.


Dialogue "Language settings"




This window is used to enter the language name and to assign the fonts and their size.







Font, Width and Height




Use this dialogue to define the fonts and font heights used for the current language.

Height and width are entered in pixels.


Name context menu:




Creates a new language.


Save as

Saves / copies the language and its parameters under a new name.


Modifies the name of the existing language.



1.Please note that font changes and changes in font size are also applied to existing texts.


2.We recommend to allocate the same fonts and font sizes to different languages within the same project, in order to avoid incorrect displays after switching languages.



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