Creating a recipe.

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RecipesCreating a recipe.


Prior to creating a recipe you have to create the cicon2 Variables required for the recipe which contain the recipe components.


Open or create a project in which you wish to create the recipe. In the Object Explorer, select "Recipes" and press the shortcut "Ctrl + I".




The recipe dialogue will pop up. Choose a descriptive name for the recipe (cicon2 e.g. "Emulsion_paint" in this example).


Use mouse to see further information’s.



Fill in or set the parameters according to your requirements.


Click on the "Variable list" tab to specify the variables to be used for your recipe.


Use mouse to see further information’s.



Select the variable type.

Select the variables that represent the recipe parameters.

Click on the button with the green arrow to transfer your selection to the variable list. Repeat this procedure for other variable types if required.



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