Selecting language for target device

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In addition to the fonts, the list also displays the index of the target device language (1 to 3). In the Falcon SERIES, up to four languages can be defined. The language marked as "Active" is the language used to present the project after startup. The index indicates the order for switching the languages.


In the Falcon SERIES, the language is changed in the system menu. Use the shortcut "ESC" and "ENTER" to activate the system menu and select the requested and configured language.


Example within the table:










You can easily create or change the index or the active language via the language toolbar.



Activating a language:


Select the requested language in the table and click the buttonHaeckchen in the toolbar.

The selected language is activated and is marked with an "X" in the "Active" column.



Specifying and modifying the index:




Select the requested language in the table and click the button showing the requested index.

The index is assigned to the language and determines the order for switching the language.



Removing a projected language:

Select the language to be removed and click the button Btn_SpracheEntfernenfor removal.

The language is now deactivated and is no longer available after a download in the target device.



It is essential to project at least one language and to provide it with an index 1.



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