Properties of the DP slave

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Easy ProfibusIntegration in Step7Properties of the DP slave


In order to define the properties of the DP slave participant, highlight the respective DP slave participant and then slot 1 of the configuration table.

You may now integrate an object (the DP slave properties) with a right mouse-click or via the drop-down menu.




With a click on "Insert Object" another window will pop up containing the GSD file.




Clicking on the existing GSD file will open another window with the selection of words that can be integrated.




After highlighting and opening the catalog, you can alternatively double-click on the word ranges in the catalog and thus insert the number of words required.




Once the required word number has been integrated it will appear in the configuration table.

(32 words in our example)




The DP slave participant does not have to be defined any further.



Please remember to transfer the altered hardware configuration to the PLC  !



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