Switching editing language

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There are various ways of selecting the active Editing language .

The editing language is the selected and activated language used to display your project in  SPSPlusWIN  .

SPSPlusWIN  provides two possibilities to activate the editing language.


1.) Via menu item "Language settings"


Open the Object Explorer, highlight the Object type "Language settings" and change to the list window.




Select the requested language in the table and click Haeckchen in the toolbar.



2.) Via menu item "Extras/Options"




Open the "Languages" register.


Under "Edit language" you can directly select the required language.


After having activated the language, all language-specific objects are displayed with the selected translation.


The following objects are language-specific:

A.Static texts
B.Text lists


If you want to create a project in several languages, we advise you to use just one language to create the project and test its functionality. After having finished the project in one language, the translation for all language-specific objects can be done comfortably. Naturally, all functions will remain activated.



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