Create dynamic menu branching

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Picture objectsET/MT-3x6, ET/MT-2x8FalconPicture objectsCreate dynamic menu branching


The dynamic menu branch is another possibility for changing the page. The field labelled with a menu text in the dynamic menu branch can be selected using the cursor. After having confirmed the selection by pressing "Enter", the specified target page is displayed.


There are two ways available to create image objects.


Tools toolbar:



Click on the symbol for dynamic menu branching in the cicon2 Tools toolbar.


The mouse pointer changes to the selected symbol. cursor_dyn_Menueverzweigung_d


Position the object on the image.
Press and hold down the left mouse button and drag a field having the requested object size.
In the image, the field is marked with a frame and editing handles for modifying its size.





modifies the width of the selected object


modifies the height of the selected object


modifies the height and width of the selected object


Release the left mouse button again.
The dialogue including the field properties for the dynamic menu branch is displayed.







freely selectable

name for

dynamic menu branching

The created menu branching can be used several times with the same properties.


Name of the group to which the menu has been allocated.


Target page:

Target of the dynamic menu branch.

After having selected the dynamic menu branch using the cursor, the operator interface displays the predefined screen page.

Text of dynamic menu:

Labeling of dynamic menu branch.

The dynamic menu branch can be clearly labelled using this text.


Arbitrary comment for information purposes.

Information regarding the field can be entered in the comment field. Comments are used for explanation purposes in SPSPlusWIN.



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