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Print reportCreate a print report


For creating a new print report, use the Object Explorer under Print reports.



In the Object Explorer select the object type Print reports
using the menu Edit -> New or
using the "New object" button TlBrBtn_NewObject or
using the chortcut "Ctrl + I" or
via the Context menu New


When creating a new print report, the Dialogue "Print report" pops up,

where you can specify general properties of the print reports.


Fig.: Dialogue: Print reports MT-316





The symbolic name of the print report can be specified and modified in this field.


Using this field, pages can be assigned to defined groups. Furthermore, sorting of data is supported in this field and thus the clarity of the project is improved.


In this field you specify whether this page should be assigned a template. You select the template in a pull-down menu.

Page number:

The Page number field is used to select an existing analog variable or to create a new variable for determining the page number. Following each printout, the page number is increased by +1. The page number variable must always be configured for the default value = 1 and the lower limit = 1. The entry in the variable field Upper limit specifies that the value is reset to +1 when reaching the specified maximum page number.


In this text filed, comments referring to the page can be entered.


Use this field to select the requested number of columns (characters) to be displayed across the width of the page.


Use this field to specify the left page margin.

Lines per page

Use this field to specify the number of requested and/or possible lines on a page.

Header line

The entry in this field specifies the number of lines provided for the header.

Footer line

The entry in this field specifies the number of lines provided for the footer.


After having confirmed the entry by clicking "OK"the image editor is displayed.


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