Device Database

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Handling blocksHB-L2DP-MIAParameter setting ProfibusDevice Database


Integration of GSD file into hardware library Select "Device Database".

At this point, it is not necessary to select the "Slave Device Group".

Select "Add"; and follow the selection menu.


GSD Database


1.Select GSD file called SAE_0730.gsd
2.Select bmp file called MT-300n.bmp for "Load Bitmap_Device"
3.Select bmp file called MT-300s.bmp for "Load Bitmap_Diag" (optional)
4.Select bmp file called MT-300s.bmp for "Load Bitmap_SF" (optional)


Finish the integration into the hardware library by selecting the slave family.

For a clear allocation we recommend HMI- HumanMachineInterface.

Our terminal is then available in the hardware library.


select slave family



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