Date / time format

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FunctionsET/MT-3x6, ET/MT-2x8SystemTimeDate/time format


Can be used with:



(only possible for digital variable)


With this function two strings (sys_date and sys_time) are generated for the output format of date and time.




When creating a new project, both strings (sys_date and sys_time) and the digital variable (Sys_TimeFormat) have already been generated. It is only necessary to re-apply this function if these variables have been deleted.

The function must be configured for a digital variable. Two strings for the ouput of date and time must be specified as parameters. After initializing the variables, the predefined formats are applied and used for the output fields.


No condition is specified indicating the moment for activating the function.




Digital variable Sys_TimeFormat:




The string for the date format is defined as TEXT FOR STATUS '0' in the digital variables. The digits of the date are defined with 'DD' for the day, 'MM' for the month and 'YY' for the year. However, the year can also be defined as 'YYYY' if it should be displayed in four-digit format.



String Sys_Date:




String Sys_Time:


The string for the time format is defined as TEXT FOR STATUS '1' in the digital variables. The digits for the time are specified with 'hh' for the hours, 'mm' for the minutes and 'ss' for the seconds. Thus, the format hh:mm:ss results in an output as <12:34:03>.





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