Dataset export

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STEP 2 - Export of dataset information

Select from the DeltaV explorer the serial card for the communication with the Operator interface and click in the menue File->Export->User Defined...


Fig.: User defined export sheet


Now select all datasets (Normally named DS01,DS02... etc.) from the connected Operator Interface


Fig.: User defined export sheet


You can create a new Format Specification file or browse to a predefined file. SPSPlusWIN needs the following specification :

Include Column Headers : NO
Comment Character : #
Skip lines : 0
Separator : TAB


Fig.: Format specification sheet


Click on Next >. Select the Object type "Programmable_Serial_Dataset"

Add the field:

1.        description

2.        dataset_number

3.        dataset_datatype

Please note the correct field order


Fig.: DeltaV explorer


Click two times on Next >. Now you need to select a data file name.


Fig.: Export target sheet


Click on Next >. Now click on Export and as result the configuration file is created.

Now you finished the export of the dataset information.


Fig.: Export result sheet


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