Curve Graphic

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Using the field properties users can define the basic settings for a line chart. For determining all diagram parameters, activate the basis page of the line chart by clicking the left mouse button.





Line chart


Name of line chart

Names can be modified and copied in this field. The line chart can be used several times with the same properties.



Name which can be selected freely for the graphic list

A graphic list can be used several times with the same properties, since the different displayed values are determined via the analog /digital variable.


Arbitrary comment for information purposes.

Information regarding the field can be entered in the comment field. Comments are used for explanation purposes in SPSPlusWIN.

Preview of assigned curves

Preview containing the selected properties and configured graphs.

This field indicates an overview on hte configured properties, as the graph colour, the grid etc.

Overview of assigned curves

Overview on the created graphs

All graphs assigned to the diagram are listed in this field.


Display / hide grid




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