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There are various messages that can be issued with SPSPlusWIN, such as fault messages and functional messages. In addition, <%PRODUKTNAME%> provides what is known as system messages in German, English and French. You can create new messages or edit existing ones for all three message types (fault messages, functional messages and system messages).


To create a new message, proceed as follows:

Go to the Object Explorer.
Right-click under "Messages" on the message type you require.
In the context menu, click on "New".
The dialogue for creating a new message will pop up.


Click here to display / hide the image.        Figure, Example new fault message:



In the field "Name", allocate a descriptive name to the message.
If required, assign the message to a group.
In the field entitled "Message text" enter the text that you want to be issued as a message.
In the group field "Options" select the actions you want carried out.
In the group field "History report", define the message actions to be documented in the message history.
Allocate a priority level between 0 and 15 to the message.
If required, allocate a unique number to the message.
In order to be able to call up the message via the PLC you need to create a process connection for the message.
For this, click on the "Process connection" tab.


Click here to display / hide the image.        Figure, Example new fault message process connection:



Activate the option field "via station PC" to connect the process connection to the cicon2 Station parameters / Base.
In the group field "Flag" in the back field, enter the bit with which the message should be controlled.
Because the "Functions" tab is generally irrelevant for messages, you can now close the dialogue by clicking on "OK".



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