Provide message history from V5.2.0 onwards

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MessagesET/MT-3x6 (2x8) - SeriesMessage historyProvide message history from V5.2.0 onwards


From Version 5.2.0 onwards you can also provide a special page for the history.


For this, proceed as follows:

cicon2 create a new page.
Click on the symbol in the toolbar with the TlStrpBtn_Messages left mouse key.
Position the cursor at the point in the page where you wish to place a message history.
Keep the left mouse key pressed and drag the rectangle to the required size for the message history.
Release the left mouse key. A selection dialogue will pop up.




Choose one of the three message histories.
A rectangle with a grey edge will appear, outlining the area where the message history will appear.
Repeat for each message history you wish to display on this page.


You can also change the position and size at a later point in time, by clicking on the frame of the grey rectangle and moving it / changing its size as before.



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