Coupling Operator Interface to ControlLogix SERIES

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Data exchangeCoupling Operator Interface to ControlLogix series


If you are working with products that cannot communicate directly with a ControlLogix controller, but can communicate with a PLC-2, 3, 5, or SLC/500, then you can configure a mapping table to allow the controller to accept those messages.


1. From the Logic menu, choose Map PLC Messages.


The PLC-2, -3, -5/SLC Mapping dialogue appears.




Use this dialogue to make an existing controller tag in a local controller available for mapping from a operator Interface.

To map a tag to a terminal you must meet these requirements:


the tag data type must be INT or INT array
the tag must be in a controller scope
the data type must NOT be AXIS_CONSUMED, AXIS_VIRTUAL, AXIS_SERVO, AXIS_SERVO_DRIVE, Motion_Group, or Message
you must be offline to change any PLC-2, -3, -5/SLC mapping.



PLC-3, -5/SLC Mapping

You can map as many tags as you want to a operator interface.


File Number

Enter the program file number where the tag will reside.

Choose a value in the range from 0 to 999.


Tag Name

The name of the tag to be mapped.


Delete Map

Click on this button to delete map information.

To delete a map, select mapping row(s).


Tag Name

Choose the tag name from the pull-down menu that you want to map to the PLC-2.

To remove an existing mapping, delete the tag name.



In the mapping table, the association between tag names and files is one to one.

One tag name can only be mapped to one file and vice versa.


2. In the table inside the PLC3,5/SLC Mapping frame, enter the PLC file number you want to map to a tag.

Note:  It is not possible to map to a specific element number or bit, only a file number.

3. Enter the name of the tag you want to map to that file number.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to map other file numbers to other tags.

5. Click on OK to configure the mapping.

6. Setup the PLC serial port to DH-485 like in the follow window




Any PLC-3, 5, or SLC/500 message that operates on a file number in the mapping will be directed to the corresponding tag.

If a message operates on a file number without a mapping, the message will fail.



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