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STEP 1 - Export User defined modules


Select from the DeltaV explorer an area of the process control studio and click in the menue File->Export->User Defined...


Fig.: DeltaV explorer


Now select all modules which contain Internal Read/Write parameter for the connected operator interface.


Fig.: User Defined Export sheet


You can create a new Format Specification file or browse to a predefined file. SPSPlusWIN needs following specification :

Include Column Headers : YES
Comment Character : #
Skip lines : 0
Separator : TAB

If you change later the address assignemt in the Internal Read/Write parameter, you can easily take the same Format specification file.


Fig.: Format specification sheet


Click on Next >. Now you need to add all Internal Read/Write parameters.

Select Object type : Module

Select Subtype : You created modules

Click on Apply Filter and select only the parameter filtering for System > Common Configuration

Now you can add all Internal Read/Write parameters (Ending .REF) to selceted fields.


Fig.: Format specification sheet - field selection


Click on Next >. Now you need to select a data file name.


Fig.: Export target sheet


Click on Next >. Now click on Export and as result the configuration file is created.

Now you finished the export of the Internal Read/Write parameters.


Fig.: Export results sheet


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