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MessagesET/MT-3x6 (2x8) - SeriesMessage historyOpen Message history


In order to open the history page, <%PRODUKTNAME%> provides the "Show message page directly" function. You can program this function for the following image objects:


a)For a digital variable.
b)For an analogue variable.
c)For a key.
d)For a softkey.
e)For a touch field.
f)For an fault message.
g)For a functional message.


For information on how to program the "Show message page directly" function, see under cicon2 Selecting a message page directly


From Version5.2.0onwards you can also cicon2 provide a special page for the history.


You can call up this page via the cicon2 Selecting a screen page function and by means of various objects (keys, touch buttons, variables, etc.).



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