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Screen pagesCreating a Screen page


For creating a new screen page, use the Object Explorer "Page" directory.




In the Object Explorer select the object type Pages using the menu Edit - New or
using the button New object or
using the shortcut "Ctrl + I" or
via the Context menu "New"


When creating a new screen page, the Dialogue Page properties will pop up, where you can specify general properties of the screen page.


Illustration: Dialogue: Page properties Falcon SERIES




The symbolic page name can be specified and modified in this field.

Page number:

A page number can be specified in this field. This page number is essential for calling pages using the PLC and for determining the page order when browsing through the pages.


Using this field, pages can be assigned to defined groups. Furthermore, sorting of data is supported in this field and thus the clarity of the project is improved.


In this field you specify whether this page should be assigned a template. The template can be selected in the displayed pull-down menu.


In this text filed, arbitrary comments referring to the page can be entered.


When activating this option, a menu for selecting the requested background colour for the page is displayed.


The picture editor is opened when the input is confirmed by clicking on this button button_ok.


Further information:


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