via the Object Explorer

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Picture objectsET/MT-3x6, ET/MT-2x8Create picture objectvia the Object Explorer


New image objects can also be created via the Object Explorer in the Image Objects path. The fields for these image objects cannot be positioned using the Explorer. For operating and/or observing these image objects, they can be inserted later into the pages. The created image objects can be selected in a list. Image objects created once can be used several times in the project. Their exact assignment is done using variables.




Select the image object type in the Object Explorer and open the dialogue for the object properties


using the Edit - New menu, or
using the "Ctrl + I" shortcut, or
via the Context menu New.


Afterwards, a dialogue for specifying the object properties is displayed.



For further information on the field properties of the respective image objects please refer to the descriptions for the individual objects.



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