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Picture objectsET/MT-3x6, ET/MT-2x8Create picture objectvia the toolbar


Image objects are inserted in an image by means of fields. A field establishes the connection between the object and an image position. Size and position of a field can be determined and modified using the mouse. There are two ways available to create image objects.


Tools toolbar:



Select the image object you wish to insert,
press the left mouse button and keep it pressed.


The mouse pointer changes to the selected symbol. cursor_pic_object


Position the object on the image.
Draw a field to the object size you need.
In the image, the field is marked with a frame and editing handles for modifying its size.
Release the left mouse button again.
Fill in the dialogue fields. (does not apply to text object and objects of the drawing function)
Except for texts, lines and rectangles, a dialogue is displayed for specifying the object properties when releasing the left mouse button.





modifies the width of the selected object


modifies the height of the selected object


modifies the height and width of the selected object



For further information on the field properties of the respective image objects please refer to the descriptions for the individual objects.



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