Picture objects

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Picture objects


Using the operator interfaces of the ET/MT-3x6 and ET/MT-2x8 and Falcon SERIES, process values, operating states and faults of the connected PLCs can be displayed and the machines or systems can be centrally controlled and operated.

Process visualization is done by means of screen pages consisting of static and dynamic objects.

Static texts are text, graphics, lines, and rectangles whose properties remain unchanged in the course of their runtime on the target device.

Dynamic objects are connected to variables and visualize values from the PLC or internal values of the operating device.

The values can be represented as number, text, graphic, bar chart or diagram.


The values are transferred to the PLC using input fields.

The planned image objects are presented on the screen in the form used later for displaying them on the target device.

A coloured presentation is always used for project planning. 16 colors are at your disposal.

Depending on the used target device, the objects are displayed in 16 gray levels or black and white on a monochrome target device.

Screen pages and windows containing help pages for the target device are designed using the image editor.

The image editor opens when you create a new image or edit an existing one.


Please note that all image objects are not available in all classes.


An image can be one of the following objects:




Kapitelseite Statusbar output information



The image objects can have cicon2 functions allocated to them, with which tasks such as page navigation, variable control, user interface control, text selection and others can easily be programmed.


Image objects, you can create objects in the following:


Kapitelseite Page

A screen page for the target device.

Kapitelseite Template

A basic project design for a screen page.

Kapitelseite Help Page

A window showing help information on objects.

Kapitelseite Help template

A basic project design for a help page.



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