Error messages during operation

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Error handlingError messages Falcon seriesOperation


The following error messages can occur during operation:


Output text of error messages at the operator interface

Explanation, meaning



*** Error 300 ***

Communication error hh:mm:ss

There is no (cable) connection to the PLC

Connect (the cable) to the PLC

The interface parameters do not match

Match the operator interface's interface parameters to those of the PLC

The programming cable is still attached

Disconnect the programming cable

An incorrect operator interface address is specified

Specify the correct operator interface address

PLC is in stop

Set the PLC into Run mode

The PLC has no program

Load a valid program into the PLC

*** Error 301 ***

No address * hh:mm:ss

The operator interface is trying to access an address in the PLC that has not been programmed / does not exist.

Enter all project addresses in the PLC.

Please also note the required lengths of the different variable types

*** Error 302 *** hh:mm:ss



*** Error 303 *** hh:mm:ss


*** Error 304 ***

Configuration error hh:mm:ss


The station parameters are faulty

Adapt the interface parameters

The project address does not match the driver loaded into the operator interface

Change the address so that it matches the driver or load a driver that matches the address.


* Message with S7-MPI driver: *DB does not exist or is too short*


Error numbers 302 and 303 are driver-related and can thus contain different messages:


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