Text list attributes

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The texts configured in text lists are clearly assigned to a value. As actual value text lists allow the indication of a text depending on a value in the variable. If the text list is planned as actual/set value, the linked value can be entered into the assigned variable be selecting a text.


The displayed dialogue Basis of text list provides you with all information on the configured texts and the assigned values. Changes cannot be made in this dialogue. Special characters and characters created using the font editor are usually presented as "I" on the basis page. The preview window of the Attributes dialog or the Character table dialog window will provide a preview of the character.




Enter the required text in the window provided for this purpose. Values are assigned by SPSPlusWIN according to the order of their entry. The entry is done using the language selected in the pull-down menu. By selecting a reference language in addition, the text can also be displayed in the selected language.



The text lists have been configured in German. You wish to enter now the English texts into this text list. In the pull-down menu Languages/text lists, select English as language which was created before, and select German as reference language. When you enter now the English texts, the predefined texts are always indicated in German.



When doing the translation, select the comfortable function of importing / exporting languages. You can find these in the chapter entitled cicon2 Languages.




When applying the text list as actual value, the text "The third text with index = 2" is displayed, for instance, if the value 2 is entered into the configured analog variable.


A text list configured as actual/set value shows the same behaviour as a text list created as actual value when entering a value in the analog variable. However, if you select a text from the text list and confirm by pressing "Enter", the value linked to that text in entered in the analog variable.



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