Attributes of graphic lists

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The semi-graphics (characters in a character table) configured in the graphic lists are clearly assigned to a value. Graphic lists allow the identification of a graphic depending on a value in the variable (actual value).


The Base graphic list dialogue provides you with information on the configured graphics and the assigned values. Changes cannot be made in this dialogue. Special characters and characters created using the font editor are usually presented as "|" on the basis page. The preview window of the Attributes dialogue or the Character map dialog window shows a preview of the character.




For input, allocation or changing graphics use the tabs to change to the Attributes dialogue.




Select the requested character on the left (selected character is marked in blue) and copy it by clicking the button "--->" with the left mouse button. As additional support, the preview window indicates the selected character as it will be displayed on the operator interface. It is essential to observe the order since it cannot be modified at a later time. For removing a character, select it on the right and remove it by clicking the button "<--" with the left mouse button.


The dialogue cicon2 Character map provides you with a comfortable overview and a possibility for selecting a character.


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