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Displays or hides the navigation bar.


Displays or hides the tool bar.

Text attributes

Displays or hides the bar for text attributes.

Arrange tool

Displays or hides the bar for object alignment.

Color palette

Displays or hides the bar for colour selection.


Displays or hides the statusbar.

Output window

Displays or hides the output windows for the Editor, the Clipboard and the Output.

Graphics preview

Not supported.

Page preview

Reduces a zoomed page view to standard size.

Zoom in

Increases a page view by a defined factor.

Zoom out

Decreases a page view by a defined factor.

Show grid

Displays or hides the grid.

Setup grid...

Opens a dialogue for setting up the grid properties.

Preview of process connection

Activates the preview of the process connections.



Depending on the current SPSPlusWIN mode the menus may contain different items from those described above !

Individual menu items are released or blocked, depending on the context of the current mode.



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