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Warnings for touch operation:


Incorrect / phantom operation:


Incorrect operation of the touch screen may result in accidental functions and errors.


The operating device will then be unable to implement these, may implement these incorrectly or in a way not intended!

- Do not realise safety-relevant functions via the touch screen !

- Avoid accidental multi-touches !

- Do not touch the touch screen across a large area !

- Use a touch pen only for the capacitive touch screen !

- Before operating the device, thoroughly acquaint yourself with the multi-touch functions of the operating system and the application !

- Switch off the device for cleaning and maintenance !


Conductive liquids on the touch screen can result in incorrect or phantom operations. This applies in particular to salt water.

- Avoid contamination of the touch screen surface with salt water.


Protect the device bevor rain, snow and splash water, because large quantity of stand or floating water can disturb the operation and can cause in unwanted cursor movements.

This protection can be done with a sun roof or any other covered construction. Strong wind, salt water and rain had to be considered in this thoughts offshore.


Damage of the touch screen:

Only touch the touch screen with your fingers or a appropriate touch pen.

- Avoid contacts with pointed or sharp objects, this can damage the touch screen and lead to a significant reduction in service life or even total failure of the touch screen !


Bubble- / cushion appearance:

Under extreme environmental conditions (high humidity, temperature), bubbles can form on the touch surface in rare cases. This does not represent any functional restriction and affects only the appearance.


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