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HMIs, human machine interfacesThin Client, ET / MT 5x8...Initial start-upWLAN-Konfiguration


Use the "Stahl Wifi Configuration Launcher" under 'Windows > all programs > STAHL ' to open the WLAN router's configuration menu.


Click on the Pct_IcnWifiConfg icon to start the Configuration Launcher.


If the WLAN module is in the same network as the HMI, the Windows login window will pop up.



User name:





The configuration screen for the WLAN module will pop up.



First, activate the "Bridge" mode.




This transmits the IP provided by the Access Point to the WLAN module in the HMI.

This is the only way you can set up a direct connection between the HMI's WLAN module and the Access Point used.





The WLAN connection is in "Network 1"


Activate "Interface".


Click on "Configuration" to turn to configuration mode.



Click on "Submit" to accept the settings.


Now navigate to the "WLAN-Profiles" register.

First, delete the "adhoc" profile

Enter a name for your profile (here "Test_Wifi", as an example)

Click on "Submit" next to the text field




Double-click on the WLAN profile

in order to set the parameters (hotspot name, password, etc.)




Example for the "Test_Wifi" profile:




Once an encryption type has been selected, an input field for the WLAN key will open up.


This WLAN key must be the one specified in the WLAN connection's access point.


Use "Test Connection" to test your settings.


Has the connection been tested successfully, save the settings by restarting the device.


New start to save the WLAN module settings.


select the status register by clicking on it

click on [Reboot] to re-initialise the WLAN connection




then switch off the HMI, wait for at least 10 seconds, and switch it back on again.

wait for a few minutes for the connection with the HMI to be re-established

then carry out a connection test


Changing the WLAN connection's IP address:


Use the network IP function (and not the WLAN module's configurator) to change the WLAN module's IP address.

click on Pct_NetworkIcon

and in the dialogue window on "Open Network and Sharing Centre"




The "Network and Release Centre" window will pop up.

click on the link of the connection (here 'LAN connection 4')



The Windows dialogue of the Ethernet connection will pop up.

Scroll to "Internet Protocol Version 4"

Double-click on "Internet Protocol Version 4"




The Windows dialogue for the IP address will pop up.

Click on "Use the following address" to activate the input fields

Fill in the fields as required

Accept the settings with "OK"




Close the Windows dialogue of the Ethernet connections with "OK"


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