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6.6.1 Open Remote HMI Menu:


Press the "F8" function key to open the "Remote HMI menu".

Click on "<<" in the "Remote HMI menu" to open the advanced menu.





6.6.2 Add button object for application:


In the advanced menu, click on "Applications" (1) to open the register for the applications.

Click on "Add" (2) to add a button object for the application.

To edit the button object, click on "˅" (3) on its right-hand side.

Now click on "Edit" (4) to parameterise the button object data.





6.6.3 Specify button title and application path:


Specify a name for the button in the "Name" text field, with which it will be shown on the dashboard.

For this application "DRDC", for example.

Click on "Select File" to open the dialogue for selecting the application.





6.6.4 Select application path:


Select the directory in which the application has been installed.

Select the .exe file of the application by clicking on it.

Complete the dialogue by clicking on "Open".





6.6.5 Parameterise button object:


Now activate "Show on Dashboard" (1) to show the application on the dashboard.

If required, activate "Autostart" so that the application is automatically started when the computer is.

Click on "Apply" (3) to apply the parameterisation.





For more details, see:

Kapitelseite Menu details        


Starting the application:



the application is not started automatically,

the automatic start of the application has been interrupted,

or if you want to start a second instance of the application,

you can start the application as follows:


6.6.6 Open Remote HMI menu:


Press the "F8" function key to open the "Remote HMI menu".

Click on "<<" in the "Remote HMI menu" to open the extended menu.





6.6.7 Start application:


Select the Dashboard.

In the "Apps" field, click on the button with the name of the application (here: "DRDC") to start it.





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