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For remote access and thus the RDP communication to be possible on the server PC, this server PC must be cleared for remote access.



This requires administrator access authority at the server PC.


Go to System control at the server PC and open System properties (system).

WinXP Klassische Darstellung:



Click on "System".

Change to "Remote" tab and activate the check-box in the "Remotedesktop" group field.

Then click on "select remote user", and the corresponding dialogue will pop up.

Now click on "Add" and a menu for selecting a user will pop up.


When selecting a remote desktop user for the first time, this field is empty. If any remote desktop users have already been defined previously, they will appear in the list (if not deleted in the meantime) and these users have direct remote access.





Use the edit field to enter the name of the users or use the "Advanced", to navigate to the user search.





Click on "Find now", and all available users will appear in the name list.

Select a user, click on "OK", and this user will then appear in the previous selection window.




Now close all other windows with "OK".



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