RDP Communication

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The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft network protocol for the display and control of desktops (PCs) on remote computers (Thin Client). The protocol controls how the terminal services are addressed and used under Microsoft Windows.


With RDP, the PC to be controlled functions as a terminal server. This terminal server generates screen output on the Thin Client. In addition, mouse and keyboard input can be received by the Thin Client. Depending on what it is used for, Thin Client users can monitor or remotely control the workstation of their terminal server (Host PC). RDP manages the transfer of screen content and mouse and keyboard input via the network.


Illustration: Connection diagram SERIES 5x8:



Illustration: Connection diagram SERIES 5x7:



Illustration: Connection diagram SERIES 5x6:



For a connection to the PC to be established in the first place, the connection type RDP with the associated, correct IP address of the PC must be defined in the (Address book ) of the Thin Client.


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Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Adressbuch


Einrichten einer RDP-Verbindung:


IP-Adresse des Host-Rechners ermitteln

Kapitelseite IP-Adresse



Benutzerfreigabe für die RDP-Verbindung

Kapitelseite Windows 7

Kapitelseite Windows XP


Verbindung zum Host-Rechner aufbauen

Kapitelseite Verbindungsaufnahme



Anmeldung im Windows-Bertriebssystem

des Host-Rechners

Kapitelseite Windows Anmeldung




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