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SERIE 5x7 – Thin Clients SERIE.


If flexible access options, central data administration and security are the key requirements, modern Thin Client operator stations are the ideal solution. Via the IP address, access to each ERP / MES network is possible from each Thin Client, providing the user with the widest possible data access on site in an hazardous area.


RDP /VNC or NETC@P enable access to all virtual machines or PCs via the address book function. Media converters and switches increase access flexibility.


All Series-500 Thin Clients are equipped with our Remote HMI firmware for enhanced HMI protection. This software has been developed in close cooperation with our customers over many years. By using modern encryption and filter methods, this Remote HMI firmware protects the HMI system against external manipulations, permanently monitors and revises the data transfer, and controls communications via RDP, VNC and Netc@p.






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