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[ F8 ] > [ Open Configuration ] > [ Configuration Manangement ] > [ F1 ]

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All address data created in the (Address Book ) menu register are stored in the configuration file. You may open this via the (Configuration Management ).


Click to expand or collaps object.  Excerpt, Adress from configuration file:





In this file, address entries are listed as "Entry1", "Entry2" etc. In the third position of an address entry is the "Entry(x)_Hotkey=". If you allocate to this a key combination such as "Ctrl + F2", you will then be able to open this connection directly via this combination of keys.



A key combination may only be allocated once.


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Address Book

Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Configuration Management


See also:

Kapitelseite Edit address book entries



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