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The Network scanner is an add-on for a network scan identifying all existing networks and KVM boxes.


Tap on the SCAN NETWORK  Button button to start the program.


Network scanner


Description of network scanner function:

IP fields

Input fields for scan range of network addresses

Use these two input fields to specify the start and end IP address of the range to be scanned.

The start IP address must be smaller than the end IP address.


Touch button for starting the scanner.

Tap on this touch button to start the process scanning the defined IP range for existing stations.


Touch button for stopping the scanner.

Once underway, the scanning process can be stopped with this touch button.


Touch button for pausing the scanner.

To halt the ongoing scanning process, tap on the PAUSE touch button.

Progress bar

status bar

The status bar in the bottom program line states the current status of the network scanner.

Main window

Output window

The output window shows all network stations found within the scanned
IP range.

For each station,

the IP address,

the Mac address,

the Friendly Name,

is always displayed, and

the Host type,

the Host name (computer name),

the port,

and the reaction time

will be shown, if applicable.

In the host field type only one piece of information is displayed (info = KVM box) if a KVM box has been found, otherwise thise field remains empty.

A Friendly Name can be allocated as a more user-friendly name for the device, making identification easier.

A functional description is contained in the section entitled  (WAKE-ON-LAN )


Touch button for the WAKE-ON-LAN function

Use this touch button to open the WAKE-ON-LAN manager.

For more information, please refer to the (WAKE-ON-LAN )


Touch button to close the network scanner

Tapping on this touch button will close the network scanner.


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand WAKE-ON-LAN



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