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Use the Network settings to re-configure the Thin Client device in order to integrate it into existing networks or equip it with other IP settings.


Network settings



Checkbox for

the auto-configuration of IP settings

When this checkbox is ticked, the Thin Client device will receive the network IP settings from a DHCP server. For this, the Thin Client device must be integrated into a network with a DHCP servere.

Once the checkbox has been ticked, an IP settings screen will pop up that will show the IP configuration received from the DHCP server. When this checkbox is ticked, the Thin Client will attempt to set up a connection to the DHCP server. The following message will pop up:


If there is no reply from the DHCP server within the next sixty seconds, the IP settings are made according to Zeroconf (APIPA).

Network settings

Address values of the Thin Client, via which the device is accessible in the network. The values must be supported by the connected IP network (addresses are supported by the servers).

Input field for

Local IP address


Display and edit field for the IP address of the Thin Client

(Factory setting:

Input field for

Sub-network screen


Display and edit field for the sub-network screen

(Factory setting:

Input field for

Default gateway


Display and edit field for the gateway address

(Factory setting: "fields are empty")


Touch button for

Updating the IP settings

Pushing this touch button deletes all current IP settings and sends a new request for these addresses to the DHCP server.

This touch button is only activated for the auto-configuration of the IP settings (AUTO CONFIGURE IP SETTINGS).

Input field

Input field for

time after which server disconnection is detected


Waiting period, after which the Thin Client will detect a disruption of server connection (to the KVM box or the host PC).

If the connection to the server has been disrupted, the Thin Client will display the (Start screen for establishing a connection ) for as long as there is no connection.

The possible values for this waiting period range from 1.0 s (minimum value) to 8.0 s (maximum value, in intervals of 1/10 seconds.

(Standard factory setting: 1.0 s)

Confirm the change to this value by re-starting the Thin Client. This information is displayed in a pop-up window.


Checkbox for

the auto-ping function

If this checkbox has been ticked, the Thin Client will send a ping to the server host.

See also Network diagnosis (Ping successful ) .

Occasionally this ping function may cause problems in networks or when using firewalls, and the ping request will not be responded to. This would mean that the remote device will not identify the host partner, thus failing to establish a connection. In this case the auto-ping function can be switched (un-tick the check-box), so that a connection can be established.
Default setting: check-box is ticked.


Checkbox for

optimised network parameter selection


To achieve the best possible performance of the Thin Client devices, it is essential to configure the Ethernet interface correctly.

For a device with copper Ethernet interface, this is TX (COPPER).

For a device with an optical fibre interface, this is FX (FIBER).

If these options are not given, the device is already a latest generation Thin Client, where this configuration is done automatically. This automatic selection will, however, be displayed.

Touch button

Touch button for

Advanced settings


This function is currently not supported and can therefore not be activated.


Touch button for

calling up the network scanner


Press the SCAN NETWORK touch button to call up an add-on (NETWORK SCANNER) network scanning program that will identify all existing networks and KVM boxes.

For more information, please refer to (Network scanner ).

Touch button

Touch button for

Factory settings


Tap on the SET DEFAULTS touch button to reset the IP network settings to the factory settings for the standard KVM-box connection.


Touch button for


to the main menu

Tap on this touch button to return

to the main menu of the (Advanced settings ) .


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Start phase

Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Ping successful

Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Network Scanner

Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Advanced settings



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