Network diagnosis

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If the Thin Client has been correctly connected to the KVM-box and the factory settings are used, the network diagnosis during the start-phase should have a positive result, with the LEDs for NETWORK CABLE CONNECTED, LOCAL IP ADDRESS ASSIGNED and PING SUCCESSFUL soon changing to green.


Section Network diagnosis


If the host PC is also correctly connected to the KVM-box and up and running, the host PC image will now appear on the Thin Client.


Network cable connected

As soon as the Thin Client's network cable is plugged into the KVM-box, the "Network Cable Connected" LED changes from red to green.

Individual wires are not checked, so that switched or broken wires will not be identified.


Local IP address assigned

If no DHCP server is available in a network, the IP address of the Thin Client must be firmly assigned. In such a case, the LOCAL IP ADDRESS ASSIGNED LED will change to green even if NO network cable has been plugged in.


Ping successful

If the KVM-box (server host) has been connected, it will respond to the Thin Client's ping and the "Ping successful" LED will change from red to green.


IP address conflict

If there are two stations with the same IP address within a network, the IP ADDRESS CONFLICT LED will show red.


Remote Station unreachable

If the IP address has been correctly configured, the REMOTE STATION (HOST PC) UNREACHABLE LED is off. If it shows red, there is an IP address error.

The status of this LED does, however, depend on whether a gateway is used.

Network settings without Gateway:

The host PC's target address must be within the same sub-net as the IP address of the Thin Client itself. If this is not the case, the REMOTE STATION (HOST PC) UNREACHABLE LED will show red.

Network settings with Gateway:

If a gateway is used for the network settings, the gateway will attempt to unscramble the Thin Client's IP address and transfer it to the other sub-net. In this case, the REMOTE STATION (HOST PC) UNAVAILABLE LED will stay off, even if no connection is established.


RDP/VNC Server unavailable

If the Thin Client has been set upf for an RDP or VNC connection and the server / program is not available, the LED for RDP/VNC Server unavailable will show red.



Error diagnosis

If the LED statuses are different to those of the image above there is a problem with the Thin Client. For possible causes and how to fix the errors, go to the chapter on





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