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Re-initializing the mouse

The PS/2 mouse connection should only be established when the devices are switched off !

If the PS/2 mouse is connected between the host computer and the KVM box when the devices are switched on, it may not be available becuase the PS/2 mouse drive on the host may not correctly initialize this connection. In this case, the connection must be actively initiated via menu item RESTORE MOUSE FUNCTIONS.

Select the RESTORE MOUSE FUNCTIONS menu item and another PS/2 mouse window will appear.


KVM-Box internal


From this window, select the mouse you wish to use. You can choose between an old PS/2 mouse or a current mouse with support of the IntellMouse format. All modern mice, particularly those with a central wheel, require the RESTORE INTELLIMOUSE option.

If you select the wrong mouse option, the mouse function of the host computer may become completely unuseable. The mouse pointer no longer moves or bears no relation to how the mouse is moved. In this case you need to re-start the host computer.



These problems do not occur if USB input devices are used,

which is why this is recommended if the host computer supports these !


Other settings


KVM-Box internal


Calibrate video signal

The video signal only needs to be calibrated if the KVM box is connected via VGA, because the analog signals of the host PC then need to be digitalised. This is done via the CALIBRATE VIDEO menu item.



The calibration can also be done via the Thin Client station !


Change access mode

Use the ACCESS MODE to specify the output of video signals during access tto the configuration menu of the KVM box. The display may either be simultaneously on the local KVM console and the Thin Client station (SHARED) or only on the KVM console (PRIVATE). When the PRIVATE modus is selected, a message appears on the Thin Client station explaining why the screen remains dark.


Return to host screen

Select and confirm the RETURN TO HOST menu item to close the configuration menu of the KVM box and to return to the actual image of the host PC.



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