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In case of a KVM connection, the " Connection Details" menu will have the following layout:


Connection details


The only relevant setting for a connection to a KVM box is the associated IP address. This represents the IP address of the connected KVM box!


In its factory state, the IP address of the KVM box is set to To change this to meet local requirements you need to have direct access to the KVM box configuration menu. For a description please refer to section (KVM-Box internal ).


The other buttons have the following functions:


Input field

Input field for the

alias name of the current address book entry.

Use this input field to specify the alias name of the current address book entry. This alias name is displayed in the header range of the "Quick Access" menu, above the IP address.

For a clear identification of the communication partner we recommend you choose one that bears some relation to the communication partner.

You may use all alphanumerical characters of the English keyboard layout for this alias name except these special characters: < > | \ / : * ?.

Because this field is mandatory, at least one valid character must be entered.

If you leave this field empty or use one or more invalid characters, a message will pop up pointing this out.

Before you can continue, this field must have a valid entry.

Input field

Input field for

current IP address of the KVM box.

Use this input field to enter the currently used IP address of the connected KVM box.


Checkbox for the

Data encryption

When this check box is ticked, the data transfer between Thin Client and the host PC will be encrypted so no-one can listen in.

This function should only be used in publicly accessible networks since it requires greater processing power on both sides (Thin Client and host system). This leads to a lower overall processing power of the entire Thin Client system.

Touch button

Touch button for the

reset to factory state

Use the SET DEFAULTS touch button to reset the IP address of the

KVM box setting within the "Connection Details" menu (


Touch button for the KVM setup menu.

Opens the dialogue for KVM box set-up settings. To use the set-up menu you need an active KVM connection in order to release functions and accept current information. When you open the menu and the following error message pops up:


, the reason is that the screen section is not fixed to the top left corner of the host PC.

Touch button

Touch button for the

advanced settings

This function is currently not supported and can therefore not be activated.

Display field

Display field for the

current connection type

This field shows the current connection type for the selected address book entry.


Touch buttons for the

selection of connection type

Use these touch buttons to select a connection type for the selected address book entry. The following connection types are available: KVM box, VNC, RDP and NetC@p.

Each time you tap on one of these buttons, the connection type changes in a rolling cycle from KVM box to VNC to RDP and NetC@p. This change is shown in the connection type display field. The layout / settings (middle part of the "Connection Details" menu) also changes according to which connection has been selected.

Touch button or Touch button or Touch button

Touch button for the

Connection test with KVM box

If the connection type has been changed and confirmed by clicking on "Apply", you can use this touch button for testing whether the connection to the KVM box is available.

It is therefore possible to test this connection and the settings for all users directly from the "Connection Details" menu. This requires a physical connection with the communication partner.

Touch button

Touch button for returning to the previously selected address book entry.

Tap on this touch button to return to the "Adress Book" register.


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Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Adress Book



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